Abortion Pill (RU486)

Abortion Pill (RU486) 

Commonly known as a medical abortion is the abortion pill (RU486) procedure.

At Greenville Women's Clinic we offer the Abortion Pill (RU486) in early pregnancies up to 10 weeks LMP (last menstrual period).

The medical abortion involves giving you, the patient (2) medications to induce a miscarriage. A combination of the two medications Mifeprex (RU486) and Misoprostol causes a miscarriage.

A small percentage of patients (about 1 in 100) will still need to have a vacuum aspiration and curettage (D&C) due to retained tissue at NO additional cost to you. 

What to expect

If you choose to have a medical abortion using Abortion Pill (RU486), the medication will be given at the clinic after an ultrasound, counseling and lab studies. An ultrasound will determine the length of the pregnancy.

24-48 hours later, you will take another medication at home, which induces cramps and bleeding usually heavier than a menstrual period.

You will need to return to our clinic 3 weeks later. Medical abortions are 99% effective. Should it fail, we will repeat the pill or do a vacuum aspiration at no additional charge if done at our facility.


Counseling is included in the procedure fee and will help a woman explore her feelings regarding her pregnancy and the alternatives available to her. Counselors discuss birth control, post-operative care, and the abortion procedure.

Special Instructions

  • Patients under 17 years of age will need 1 parents consent. Parent will need to bring their ID along with the patient's ID or birth certificate
  • All patients must bring a picture ID
  • On the morning of your appointment, take a thorough shower, wear a dress or a skirt, or loose fitting pants
  • You must have someone accompany you to the Clinic to drive you home after in-clinic abortion
  • Please do not bring children to the clinic
  • Do not drink or chew anything after midnight before an in-clinic abortion
  • You may eat or drink before the medical abortion (RU486)

Our Fees

Please call our office for current fees. All fees must be paid in full at the time of the appointment. Fees are all inclusive.
According to South Carolina Law you MUST review Women's Right to Know material at least 24 Hours prior to your abortion, if you are thinking about having an abortion.

The Certification Statement will be time and date stamped once you have reviewed. Please PRINT & BRING.
Go here to find the reading materials "Women's Right to Know Act".
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